Zombie Horde

Just so you know, you may purchase one of the animals lying in front of the storage shed for $30. If you think that is too steep for a broken animal, consider it a donation to the archery club. Please see Laurence, Tom or Rob about adopting one of the Zombie Horde. We are there to approve you as a zombie owner from 6 - 6:30 on shooting nights. This is Derek the Deer, a zombie adoptee. He now lives in a wonderful woods where, except for one bear mauling, he enjoys being shot at regularly. His owner even supplied him with pink ichor on the 10x. This arrow was shot from 45m. I quit for the day after that.

More Better Backstops

Those of you who have hunted for or lost arrows on the course, will be delighted to know we have backstop nets up on the worst of them. the cobra at #5, the deer at C and the ten point buck at M are now covered. If you miss it now, you were waaaay off. Happier shooting!

New 3D Targets are Coming

We got our Lotteries Grant and a bunch of new targets have been ordered. As you who shoot on the range know, some of our venerable veterans of the range are becoming very much like blocks of wood. Our compound shooters in particular are having trouble retrieving their arrows from these overly-dense denizens of the range. So, thanks to the benevolence of Lotteries Yukon. We will have a better and safer shooting experience.

Save the Bunny

This little bunny at 15 is really tender. Please do not shoot it with your compound set above 50# or with points heavier than 125 gr. At 5m, a 175gr point went right through it. Also, please don't pick on the head and ears. They are coming apart already.

Home on the Range

We have been shooting for a month up on the Grey Mountain Range and it just keeps getting better and better. With the cool weather, the mosquitos haven't even been bad. Let us know what you think we can do to improve your shooting experience. The wine bar is out for now but we are thinking about signage, etc. that might help you navigate around. We have a range of bows, arrows and safety gear available for you to borrow but we ask that, if you are going to be shooting regularly, you make arrangements to get your own. We can help you with that too. Just let us know what you need as we order regularly.

May on the Range

We are all moved up to the range now and have a good group of shooters coming out on Tuesday and Thursdays. Just want to remind everyone to sign in and sign out so we know you are out there. There are registration forms, maps and score sheets in the sign in box. One of the executive will be there from 6 to 6:30 to get you registered. We are usually over at the storage shed. Please check the Grey Mountain Range page for more information. ​ There is a bear in the area around the buffalo and antelope (G&I) and signs of one around P as well. Not a problem so far, just so you know. Make noise and travel in groups if you can. If you are out alone, take bear spray.

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