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Rising from the Ashes

It has been a rollercoaster of a summer.

Late on the night of July 7, our brand new shed burned down with all our club bows and equipment in it. We went through the inquiry with the fire inspector with nothing conclusive found about the cause. Just weird.

Now we are on the road to recovery and rebuilding. This began with an application to Yukon Lotteries for an Opportunities Grant which provided us with $2500 toward clean up and replacing some of our equipment. As you know, we not only support beginners and families coming to try archery, but a Health and Social Service Program as well. Without equipment, we couldn't continue with these programs.

In addition to funding, we received a handsome donation of tabs from world renown archery coach Rod Jenkins and a the use of an excavator from MacPherson Rentals. Thanks so much!

The contractor, Castlerock, did a great job of cleaning up the site and moving the debris to the dump. Then the site was capped with a layer of crushed gravel.

The charred remains of the clubhouse.

Excavator cleaning up and getting ready to spread gravel.

Next day, a nice clean practice area to shoot from. The dead trees got taken down the weekend of August 24.

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