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Not Ready Yet, But Close

The bad news is, it is going to be at least another two weeks before we can open the range due to persistent snow. The good news is, we are opening the shooting porch next week. Just wear waterproof footwear because the walk in is over melting snow and ice.

This is the entrance to the range May 6. Wet and slippery.

The walk in is muddy too.

The field in front of the shed is not bad at all.

A bit of snow behind the shed but the porch is dry as is the target area so we are setting up on May 11.

Target #1 on the Short Loop ready to go.

Target #6 is going to have to wait for a bit.

The lake is still frozen but the good news is that the mosquitoes are out and ready to greet you!

Rob is ready to meet you and give you an orientation talk. Please make sure you pay your membership fees for the summer.


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