Course Layout

Whitehorse Archery is fortunate to have use of the Biathlon Yukon course on Grey Mountain for shooting in the summer. The course consists of two loops: Short Loop and the Hunter's or Long Loop. This year, the Short Loop is set up with 21 targets to facilitate those people with limited time. The targets are set up to tournament standards and feature a variety of sizes and degrees of difficulty from easy to moderate. There are three sets of stakes on  the Short Loop: pink for kids and beginners, white for recurve, and green for compound or advanced shooters. This loop can easlly be shot in under an hour with two people shooting one or two arrows each. 


The Hunter's Loop consists of an additional 23 targets. These feature predominantly game animals with shots ranging from moderate to difficult. Sheep Canyon is one of our favourites! This loop on its own takes about a 1:15. 

We have just completely rearranged the course so check the map below. 

For safety sake, please shoot the targets in numerical order on the Short Loop. You can shoot the Hunter's Loop in reverse but please be aware of shooters coming counterclockwise. 


Using the Course
  • Due to the Covid 19 pandemic, please follow health and safety rules. You all know them by now. If you don't, please go here

  • The course is entered from Grey Mountain Road at the Biathlon Range. 

  • There is a small box on a post near the entrance path where users must sign in and sign out.

  • If you need to register, please go to the tent located across the field to your left. We are temporarily located there until our shed is rebuilt. 

  • When you return to the car park and there are no other cars there, please lock the gate behind you. 

  • If you plan to do the long course, pack adequate water and snacks. 

  • Bring insect repellent. The mosquitos can be bad on parts of the course. All part of the hunting experience. 

  • Families are welcome but please do not let children wander away. There are people shooting arrows and it is easy to get disoriented in the woods. 

  • No dogs or pets please. 

  • NO SMOKING anywhere on the site

  • Pack your garbage out with you.

  • These targets are expensive. Please do not deliberately shoot at the head, ears, horns or antlers. They are costly to replace. Try for the kill zones which are (mostly) replaceable.  

  • Please be aware you are in bear country and take the necessary precautions. 

Borrowing Equipment Temporarily Suspended

We have bows, arrows, tabs and guards you can borrow. Please check these out with a member of the club at the garage. Use of the equipment is free of charge for the first four uses but arrows are $15 each if you lose or break one. 

Times and Fees

  • the range is closed now until May 2021

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