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I'm interested in Archery

If you have any questions about Whitehorse Archery or would like to know how to sign up, please send us a note. 
Membership Fees

Annual                                   $145

Family (up to 3 members)        $305

Summer (May to December)    $105 (family $180)

Fall (October to December)     $55 (family $125)

Drop in fees                          $15

Guests must be accompanied by a member. 

Download the registration form here. After you download it, fill it out, save it, and send it to bowshooting at whitehorsearchery dot com (replace the at with @ and the dot with a . of course)

You can make payments via e-transfer to the same address. 

Using Club Equipment


Beginners, you are welcome to borrow club equipment for the first four times to get you started but please note the following:


The club equipment is meant to give beginners a chance to get started in archery. It is not meant for long-term loan.


All equipment must be signed out to you by a club board member. All equipment must be returned at the end of each evening’s shooting.


If you lose or break an item, the costs are $15 arrow, $35 tab, $25 arm guard, $200 bow. 


To ensure there are enough bows for beginners to use, after four uses of a club bow and arrows, we expect you will buy your own equipment.


The club will be happy to help you select equipment or order it for you. You may use club equipment until yours comes in.

If all the equipment is checked out, please share with another beginner. 

Contact Us

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