Family Fun

We have been having fun with the young shooters coming out. If you are an archer yourself, you are more than welcome to bring the kids out to shoot under your supervision. It is a great activity for the family. Don't forget our gear talk, demonstration and sales on January 19.

Back in the School

We are back in Takhini School after the Christmas break. We are starting 3D and 300 nights this year. Check the calendar for dates. Every other week, we will shoot 300 rounds on paper targets and, on alternate weeks, we will shoot paper targets. Three hundred rounds mean ten rounds of three arrows each on a paper target. The highest score achievable is 300, hence the name. Keep your scorecards and we will tally them up in April for big prizes. To level the playing field, our youngsters and new shooters will shoot a little closer in. Experienced shooters will use the 60 cm target at 18m. Kids and new shooters can choose shooting at 5, 10 or 15m. For now, 3d nights will be five targets, best t

Border Boys

We are back from Christmas holidays and what better way to start than a new bow? Alberto, on the left, just received his new Covert Hunter 42# @28". We got it all set up and ready to shoot just in time for our first 3D night of 2017. With some borrowed arrows from Adam, in the middle, and set up assistance from Rob, on the right, Alberto had a great night of shooting.

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