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May on the Range

No, we could not hit that damn rabbit at 15

Rich Cherpak and Adam Easton with some nice shots on the sheep at N

I think there is a 10X there on the wolverine at Q

Clayton Johnson and his wheelie bow. Some nice shooting there.

We are all moved up to the range now and have a good group of shooters coming out on Tuesday and Thursdays. Just want to remind everyone to sign in and sign out so we know you are out there. There are registration forms, maps and score sheets in the sign in box. One of the executive will be there from 6 to 6:30 to get you registered. We are usually over at the storage shed. Please check the Grey Mountain Range page for more information.

There is a bear in the area around the buffalo and antelope (G&I) and signs of one around P as well. Not a problem so far, just so you know. Make noise and travel in groups if you can. If you are out alone, take bear spray.

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