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The New Targets Are Here!

Thanks to the very generous donation of Lotteries Yukon, and the support of the Yukon Aboriginal Sports Circle, we now have eight new targets on the range. They were delivered by Pacific Northwest to the range on Thursday, June 30th in the pouring rain. We waited until 6 hoping the rain would let up but decided to go ahead and put them out anyway. It took two of us three hours but then we got to be the first ones to shoot them. We are pretty stoked about these new shots. Get out there and try them for yourself.

See the new "provisional" map for locations of the new targets. The numbers and letters may not be arranged by July 7 but we are hoping to get that done very soon.

Here are the targets being delivered

The bison came in one piece.

Bedded doe. You can now find her in Sheep Canyon.

The javelina has joined the critters on the short loop to make a 17th target.

A new fox to replace the old one at #7

A box of critters

Cougar to replace the turkey at now at M.

The standing grizzly to replace "Woody" our little old brown bear now at N.

Goat to replace the goat at B, just after the rocks by the lake.

The new shot at N on the Hunters Loop.

Adam Easton unloading the new bison at J on the Hunters Loop.

Adam Easton test shooting the new bison. We left the old one there for this season but we will probably retire him in the fall. Getting to be quite the herd.

Test shots on the fox at #7. A 10 and 10x, so it is possible.

The javelina is on the old trail that leads straight up hill from the moose at #11. He has no number yet. Also 10xable.

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