End of Season on the Range

September 26 marked our last night on the Grey Mountain Range for the 2018 season. And what a season it was. We moved into our new "shed", built a new shooting porch on the back, and got a pile of new targets. One last thing to do is get our solar panels up, build shelves for the animals and bring them in. All happening tomorrow... hopefully. We saw good use of the range this year and had more visitors than ever including people from down south and the US coming to try our world class facility. Our fame is spreading.

We had a few less welcome visitors this year including a family of four bears but they actually wrecked less havoc than the last two years and there was little damage to the targets. Totally destroyed a couple of foam backstops though.

An evening in August on the shooting porch in the new warm up area.

We said goodbye to Dan Beddard, second on left, and hello to Phil Christoff, on the right.

Last Night on the Range Picnic on the Rock. We may have to make this an annual event.

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