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Mid-Summer Friendly Shoot

On July 8, we rearranged the entire course in preparation for the friendly shoot on Sunday, July 9. Saturday was a beautiful day and it was a joy to be out there, moving things around and, sometimes, cackling at the wickedness of the shots we had set up. It was a five hour job for our small crew but well worth it.

Sunday, we were not blessed with good weather or a good turn out :(. Gael Marchand brought out four of his North American Indigenous Games team for a trial run before they head off to the games in Toronto next week. Only five club members came out. Two of them were ill but came anyway. Good on ya!

We shot the first round of 20 in the morning. Levi Stoneman had the high score in the compound division. Laurence Rowles, Adam Easton and Rob Ingram all tied for that round. How is that even possible? The rain began just at the end of the first round and we were fortunate to have use of Biathlon's Bear's Den to keep warm and dry.

There was a fabulous BBQ lunch put on by Joey Krahn and Rob Gilbert who literally brought food for forty. We had been hoping for a better turnout. So we all stuffed ourselves as best we could. Half the group left at lunch but a few of us went out and shot the second round of 22 targets in the rain. The NAIG kids were real troopers. I think the conditions and shots they found on the Hunter's Loop will be tougher than anything they find in Toronto so, good practice.

Of those that were left, Rob Ingram and Adam Easton shot within 5 points of each other so basically a tie for the day.

Thanks to everyone who helped set up, did lunch and supported the event. It was great fun. For the rest of you, well, you have a new course to shoot this week. Please see the revised map on the Range page.

Adam packs a bear to its new home.

Adam and Tom finish setting up the relocated antelope.

Adam restakes the carp.

Laurence's first shot on the carp.

Adam with Isaiah and Jesse at the deer on the Hunter's Loop. In the rain.

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