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Whitehorse Archery year in review 2016

This was another stellar year at WAC. We received a Lotteries grant to purchase new targets which meant we had two full shooting loops at the Grey Mountain Range, the Regulation Loop with 20 targets and the Hunters Loop with 24. It was also a long season with opening in the last week of April and we folded up after the Yukon Outdoor 3D Championships in early October. Still not long enough for most of us. Many people, and an increasiing number of families, enjoyed the range this year. We are also grateful for the Premiers Conference this summer that appoached three of our instructors to put on an archery clinic for the families of the premiers. With their funding, we managed to get new bows, arrows and protective gear for the club. With our certified coaches, we are now better able to accomodate beginners and they have been coming out in record numbers. Some of our indoor nights have been very crowded indeed, requiring that we double up on bales. There were also good tournament events this year put on by the Yukon Aboriginal Sports Circle. Despite the fact that we are a recreational club, our members did very well indeed.

We are looking forward to another great year in 2017 and, hopefully, putting on a few events of our own. Members can look forward to 3D and 300 nights on a regular basis as wel as clinics on building and tuning arrows. Once we get back on the course, we have a couple of club events planned. Here's to the New Year!

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