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Ranging Storm

Despite the fact that Whitehorse was nearly washed away in a flash flood, it barely sprinkled up on Grey Mountain last night. This was most fortunate as we just finished setting up all of our new targets and were anxious to shoot them.

There are a whack of new targets on the Hunters Loop bringing the total up to 24. See the map on the Grey Mountain Range page. We think you will find these new shots fun and challenging. We are especially proud of the Bedded Doe at G.

We added two optional targets on the Short Loop. If you shoot the first two targets of the Hunters Loop (the bear and the goat after the Rock), signs will direct you up the hill where we set up a new Bear. From the Bear, you return to the Short Loop and shoot the Moose. After target #13 (the Frog) you can follow the signs off to your right, follow a short path to the parallel road, and shoot the Javelina. Return back to the rest of the loop on the same short path.

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