Here is what we are planning in the next month or so...

October 8, range gets packed up for the winter

October 11, we start back at Takhini School

September 2022
Welcome to the Whitehorse Archery Club

Whitehorse Archery is a non-profit club for the recreational shooter, hunters, and those who just want to work on their skills. We have many competitve archers in our club, and we hold and particpate in competitons, but our focus is on recreational archery for the family. We are currently not taking new members unless you have your own equipment due to health concerns. 


Getting Started in Archery

If you are interested in trying archery, you are welcome to come out to a regular shooting night. Please see the schedule and Sign Up pages.


If you are under 15, you must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Younger children may shoot under the direct supervision of a parent who is an archer and a member of the club.


There are programs in the elementary schools for beginning archers. Please check with your school.

Paying Fees if No One is There

If you arrive after the shed is closed, please make your drop in fee payment of $15 to bowshooting at We would also appreciate it if you filled out a registration form as we require that for insurance. 
It costs us thousands of dollars each year to maintain the range and targets you are using. The least you can do is pay this little drop in fee. 

A big vote of thanks once again to Lotteries Yukon for helping to fund our replacement targets. We just could not do this without them.